"A Good Loud Speaker"

There's a lot of good speakers, and there's a lot of loud speakers - but a good, loud speaker is a rare thing. "Good and loud" is exactly what White Rabbit Audio does best. This compact system can deliver solitary audiophile nirvana, and it can also pump out enough juice to light up a respectable dance floor. The sexy industrial design is just a bonus.

The base system is what you see pictured. Plug-and-play with linked internal amplifiers that will accept almost any audio input, analog or digital. White Rabbit recommends some add-on components, such as power conditioning, analog or digital EQ, and a vacuum tube drive pre-amp stage. Wireless streaming and digital room correction are available as well. And why not add another subwoofer?

Get in touch for tech specs, availability and pricing.

White Rabbit Audio Services 

Event Rentals

Planning a wedding, corporate event or just a great dance party? White Rabbit will set up a good-looking and great-sounding system for your next event.

We are happy to work with your DJ, emcee or live performers, or let us introduce you to our talented and creative musical friends!

Custom Design and Build

White Rabbit can design and build a world-class custom sound system for any situation: home listening and home theatre, studio recording and mastering, business and event spaces and large dance clubs.

You'll get the best sound possible, expert workmanship and lifetime product support.

Audio Consulting

Need some help with the sound in your home or business? We can give you expert advice on planning, retro-fitting or upgrading your sound system, and we can provide ongoing technical support.

White Rabbit Audio is committed to giving you the best possible sonic experience, whatever your budget. 

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